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2021 Solo and Ensemble Results

Congratulations to all of the BHHS students who participated in MSBOA’s first ever Virtual Solo and Ensemble Festival! Students in 10-12th grade could elect to submit a proficiency exam where students were asked to perform a solo in addition to scales. Students in this group received a rating out of 75 points and will be considered for selection to the MSBOA Spring Honors Conference.

Receiving Second Division Non-Proficiency Ratings:

  • Niranjan Anantharaman (trombone)

  • Carson Barnes (violin)

  • Michael Hakopian (percussion)

  • Samuel Harmon (trumpet)

  • Mary Kalabat (flute)

  • Michael Kik (clarinet)

  • Esli Lozano (alto saxophone)

  • John McCalmont (violin)

  • Charlie Moore (trumpet)

  • Arun Nagappan (clarinet)

  • Talia Reddy (clarinet)

  • Rachael Runk (violin)

  • Anjalica Singelyn (clarinet)

  • Reid Smith (piano)

  • Benjamin Torres (violin)

  • Grace VanNorwick (clarinet)

  • Claire Weaver (percussion)

Receiving First Division Non-Proficiency Ratings:

  • Azaan Ahmed (violin)

  • Elizabeth Ashtari and Isabella Ashtari (harp duet)

  • Elizabeth Ashtari, ISabella Ashtari and Kelly Sun (harp trio)

  • Joshua Bicos and Lucy Knas (alto saxophone and cello duet)

  • Alexis Cody (trumpet)

  • Drew Cohen (tuba)

  • Lucy Dickson (trombone

  • Steven Elias (alto saxophone)

  • Gabrielle Gippert (cello)

  • Thomas Gormley(tuba)

  • Henry Hutchison (percussion)

  • Seamus Keane (bassoon)

  • A.J. Kennedy (trumpet)

  • Cal Martinez (trombone)

  • Sofia Mosley (flute)

  • Kalyn Mullens (flute)

  • Chloe Patterson (viola)

  • Reed Phillips (horn)

  • Carley Richardson (bassoon)

  • Lily Ruden (clarinet)

  • Grace Schneider and Dani DeMello-Johnson (string duet)

  • Amalia Socha (violin)

  • Andreya Vo (flute)

  • Julia Yousif (violin)

Receiving Second Division Proficiency Ratings:


  • Jennifer Guan (violin)

  • Abigail Taylor (violin)

  • Morgan Nimmo (alto saxophone)

  • Colleen Pettengill (trumpet)

  • Karishmah Shah (piano)

  • Anjalica Singelyn (alto saxophone)


  • Elizabeth Ashtari (harp)

  • Sadia Rahman (viola)

  • Noah Yaker (percussion

Receiving First Division Proficiency Ratings:


  • Jack Abel (baritone)

  • Kareena Batra (flute)

  • Meghan Hunt (flute)

  • Henry Jackson (violin)*

  • Minglu Jiang (bass)*

  • Abraham Kallivayalil (alto saxophone)

  • Jacob Lepley (baritone)

  • Jaidan Montgomery (bass)

  • Anthony Mulhem (bass)

  • Kelly Sun (viola)

  • Natalie Tsimhoni (violin)


  • Isabella Ashtari (harp)

  • Samantha Bekolay (oboe)

  • Sofia Cao (clarinet)*

  • Michael Chen (oboe)*

  • Brandon Ho (clarinet)

  • Akita Kotian (flute)

  • Jimin Lee (flute)*

  • Andre Lozano (percussion)

  • Grant Rhoads (tuba)

  • Jonathan Shi (violin)

  • Nicholas Simonelli (trombone)

  • Alex Yen (violin)

  • Dylan Young (trombone)*


  • Joshua Bicos (alto saxophone)


*achieved a near perfect score of 74/75


Congratulations to all the Band and Orchestra students who performed!! Mr. Posner and Mr. Wolf are extremely proud of all of you!!


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Dylan Young Announcement.jpeg

Congratulations to BHHS Junior Dylan Young on being selected to the first ever American School Band Directors Association National Honor Band! Dylan will travel to St. Augustine Florida at the end of June to participate and perform with the ASBDA National Honor Band. 

BHHS Students Selected for the 2021 Michigan All-State Bands & Orchestras

Congratulations to the following BHHS students who have been selected as members of the 2021 Michigan School Band and Orchestra All-State Ensembles!

  • Isabella Ashtari, 11th grade - Harp, High School Orchestra

  • Vijay Daita, 10th grade - Violin, High School Orchestra

  • Jonathan Shi, 11th grade - Violin, High School Orchestra

  • Henry Jackson, 10th grade - Violin, High School Orchestra

  • Alexander Yen, 11th grade - Violin, High School Orchestra

  • Michael Chen, 11th grade -  Oboe, All-State High School Orchestra

  • Grant Rhoads, 11th grade -  Tuba, All-State High School Band

  • Nicholas Simonelli, 11th grade - Trombone, All-State High School Band

  • Aerin Washington, 12th grade - Clarinet, All-State High School Band


These students have been selected among the finest musicians in the state of Michigan, through a blind audition process, to be recognized as the 2021 Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association All-State Band and All-State Orchestra. Over 1466 students throughout Michigan auditioned for a position in these groups. Normally these students would have been asked to perform at the Michigan Music Conference hosted in Grand Rapids, but this year they will be honored from a distance.

The MSBOA All-State program was established in the 2005-06 school year by the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association.  MSBOA has been serving the instrumental music teachers and students of our State for over 77 years. They proudly represent over 1,200 public, parochial and private schools and over 1,600 instrumental music teachers in Michigan. MSBOA continues to follow the mission of our founders as to provide quality musical experiences for the students of our member schools.

Congratulations to these wonderful musicians, and all who auditioned on this exceptional honor and achievement. We are proud that they represent the Bloomfield Hills Schools and the Bloomfield Hills Community. 

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The dawn breaks in Bloomfield o’er hills, lakes and pines,

As bright as the sunrise our Alma Mater shines.

The memories of friendships in ev’ry Black Hawk fills,

With loving hearts we sing to thee;

Thy praises Bloomfield Hills!


The late evening twilight o’er knolls, lakes and pines,

Like soft golden sunsets our Alma Mater shines.

Our memories like shadows the void of absence fills,

With voices raised we sing to thee ,

Thy praises Bloomfield Hills!



Go, Bloomfield Black Hawks, Break right through that line

With your colors flying, We will cheer you all the time


Rah! Rah! Rah!


Go Bloomfield Black Hawks, Fight for victory!

Spread far the fame of our fair name

And Bloomfield Hills will win this game!


Go Hawks Go!

Go Hawks Go!


Hit’ em high, Hit ‘em low, And Go Hawks Go!




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