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Prepared by the Bloomfield Band and Orchestra Boosters (BBOB)



Pre-Marching Band Camp at Main Campus 

Pre-camp rehearsals will focus on leadership, marching fundamentals, and getting organized before band camp. They typically begin a week before band camp. Please check a detailed schedule for when students need to attend. There is also a new parents meeting that will take place during the week. 


Marching Band Camp 

Students will travel to an overnight camp to work on our marching band show. Over half of our rehearsal time happens each year at band camp. This time offers students the opportunity to bond, get to know eachother, grow as a family, and learn our show. It is highly encouraged for all band students. Band students who are unable to attend band camp can still be in band. They will join the marching band in the front ensemble (non-marching) once school begins. 


Marching Band Weekly Rehearsals at Main Campus   (* )

6:30 – 8:30 p.m., every Wednesday

August through October.


Sectional Rehearsals

 Primarily drum line and color guard (flags).  Time and location to be determined.


Marching Band Uniforms  (*  +)

Official uniforms are distributed before and after a Wednesday rehearsal in August.    Color guard and drum major uniforms coordinate with the marching band theme and members share part of the cost.  The uniform for the first football game is usually the band t-shirt (distributed during band camp) and shorts.


Marching Band Performances  (*  +)

Performances are at pre-game and half time during home football games, play-offs if necessary, dessert concert, band  invitationals  and the MSBOA District Marching Band Festival.   These activities take place In late August – October.



Additional Marching Band Invitationals (* +)

Additional programs sponsored by other schools may take place in late September or early October.  Participating bands perform their half time shows, receive a rating and take home a trophy.  Families and friends are encouraged to attend.  Events are held at the sponsoring high school’s sports field.  There is usually a small entrance fee for spectators. 


Football Games (*  +)

Marching band routine continues for all home football games.



Orchestra and Band

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is a curricular class that meets outside of the school day. Students can take the class for a 4.0 credit as long as they meet the requirements of the class. See Mr. Posner for details as the make-up and meeting times of this class have changed since the pandemic.


Fall Premiere Concert

All orchestra and Black Hawk Band students gather for joint rehearsals culminating in a wonderful combined concert in October.  Families are encouraged to attend.               

Dessert Concert  (**+)

This is a casual concert usually held the last Monday in September at 6:30 p.m.  Orchestra members perform in the auditorium followed by a modified marching band performance in the front circle drive at Andover.  A dessert reception and membership kick-off hosted by BBOB in the Cafeteria completes this special evening.  All families are asked to contribute a finger dessert or beverage.

Fall Musical Pit Orchestra

This ensemble is selected by Mr. Wolf and/or Mr. Posner. They will perform with the cast of the fall musical in December. 


Chair Placement Auditions

Tryouts are conducted for chair placement in all bands and orchestras, usually at the beginning of October. Students are expected to prepare assigned excerpts and a solo for their audition.


Class Expectations

Mr. Wolf and Mr. Posner distribute information on class expectations for students.  Parents are encouraged to attend the fall Open House to learn more about how the music classes are structured, how information is distributed, how to keep up to date on your student’s performance and how to communicate with the instructors.


Scholarship and Achievement Award

BBOB offers this award to students who have spent at least one year in the BHHS instrumental music program and participated in a summer music education program.  The monetary award recognizes students for their efforts and is not intended to fund the activity.


Solo and Ensemble District and State

This activity is highly recommended and requires payment of a registration fee and accompanist fees.  Students obtain their own accompanist (list is available).  A first division rating at the District level allows students to progress to the State level.  Students reaching the highest levels are invited to participate in the State Honors Band or Orchestra. 


Band and Orchestra Festivals (**)

Generally held the first two weekends in March at a local high school.  Performance times are announced within a month of the concert date.  This performance and sight-reading session is the group equivalent to solo and ensemble (above).  Performances are open and family members are encouraged to attend.  Buses usually provide student transport to and from the event.


BBOB Meetings

Monthly meetings for all interested band and orchestra parents.  Mr. Reed, Mr. Posner and parents discuss all band and orchestra activities, fundraisers, questions and concerns.  Many decisions affecting the band and orchestra are made at these meetings.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


BBOB Membership

All supporters of the BHHS Instrumental Music program are encouraged to join BBOB.  A graduated membership scale is available.  Monies collected are used to support activities and purchase equipment for the benefit of the instrumental music program.



FLORK - Full Orchestra

Mandatory rehearsal for all Symphony Orchestra strings and select woodwind, brass and percussion members.  This is an 8th hour class held every Wednesday from 6 p.m.  to 8 p.m.  beginning right after marching band season is over.


Collage Concert  (**  +)

This is the first formal concert of the year offered by the entire BHHS Music Department.  This is always exciting for all band, orchestra and choir students, as well as their families.  The only break in the music is a short intermission.  As soon as the last note of one song plays, the first note of the next song begins.  A reception sponsored by both BBOB and Choral Boosters follows the concert and families are asked to contribute finger desserts and beverages. 


Band and Orchestra Trip (+)

An international trip is scheduled every four years and a domestic trip is offered in the intervening two years.  This years trip is to Scotland and England. The band and orchestra students who participate will perform at a variety of venues.  Trips are well supervised, fun and educational.  Parents/families are welcome to participate. This schedule has been impacted by Covid-19. We are currently looking for positive and safe experiences for students.


8th Grade Music Information Night

Held in February.  Band, orchestra and choir orientation event for incoming 8th grade students who plan to participate in the music program at Andover.  Andover music groups play for this event. 


Traub Auditions/Assembly

The Traub Scholarship was established in 1956 for BHHS students, to allow recipients in the areas of music and art to travel to Europe the summer after graduating from high school.  Senior music students audition and the winner and runner-up are announced in a school-wide assembly that takes place in April.  There is a post-assembly reception. 



Try-outs for marching band leadership positions (drum majors and color guard captains) are held in late April/early May. 


Michigan Youth Arts Festival

Held in early May, this multi-day event celebrates the arts in Michigan and youth who represent the “best of the best” in music, drama, literature, and visual arts.  All participants arrive at the festival by excelling at the competitive events that start with District level activities such as Solo/Ensemble.  Over the years, we have had numerous students honored through participation in this Festival.


Spring Concerts (** +)

We have two spring instrumental concerts. The first (usually held in mid May) and will feature the concert band, campus band, campus orchestra, and philharmonic orchestra. The second (usually on the Sunday before Memorial Day at 4 pm) is for the Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Band.  Families are encouraged to attend both the concert and banquet.

Awards Banquet

Students are encouraged to attend this event where we honor each class with their awards (freshman - certificate, sophomore - letter, Junior - pin, Senior - Senior gift). We will also honor seniors with specific awards for outstanding participation.


Concerto Concert  (+)

This special concert for senior band, orchestra and choir students takes place in early June.  Seniors audition for the privilege of a solo performance with appropriate ensemble accompaniment.   BBOB and Choral Boosters provide a reception following the concert. 



The Symphony Band and Symphony Orchestra alternate playing for the graduation ceremony.


Uniforms (+)

The BHHS marching band uniforms and band and orchestra formal concert tuxedos need to last for many years.  It is important to keep them in good condition.  PLEASE hem the pants if they are too long.  DO NOT CUT ANY FABRIC!  A hem allows the next student who uses the uniform to make appropriate adjustments to the length of the pants. It is also a good idea to remove the uniform from the garment bag.  This will prevent wrinkles and allow the fabric to refresh itself.  Please check for and sew on any loose buttons.  Do not leave a wet uniform in the garment bad.  Uniforms should be kept at the student’s home.  Please do not dry clean.  BHHS provides dry cleaning once a year to ensure color uniformity. 


Marching Band uniforms are passed out before and after a Wednesday evening rehearsal in August.  Please make sure that your son/daughter has his/her uniform, including black marching band shoes (ordered prior to season opener).  There is a charge for shoes.  Time/date TBD.


Tuxedo /concert attire distribution for the orchestra takes place in September. Time/date TBD. 


Marching band uniforms are collected in the band room in November.  Time/date TBD.


Tuxedo /concert attire distribution for all band members takes place after the marching band season ends.  Time/date TBD.


New Music Commissions

BBOB commission of  “Escape”, “Commemorative Overture”,  “Isle of Skye” and “Sword Dancer” were made possible by the continued efforts of parents/friends who support the instrumental music programs at Andover. 


Concession Stand (+)

Members of BBOB operate the concession stand at all home football games.  Band and orchestra parents are encouraged to volunteer.  All profit from this activity goes into the general fund for BBOB, benefiting the band and orchestra.  Besides fundraising, the goal is to socialize and have fun.


Koeze’s Nut and Candy Fundraiser (+)

Information about this annual fundraiser for BBOB is distributed to all band and orchestra students during a class period in late October.  The nut and candy sale runs through the beginning of December.  All monies earned support student awards, transportation, enhancements to the music program, scholarships, purchasing and maintenance of special and supplemental instruments and sessions with various instrumental specialists.  It is important for all families to participate in this fundraiser.  Please keep your eyes open for a packet of information late October.



Bloomfield Band and Orchestra Boosters  promote the development of your child’s instrumental musical skills, self-expression and self-confidence.  BBOB helps during band camp and marching band season: pit crew, uniform distribution, concessions stand – helps host concerts, serves refreshments, sends newsletters and maintains a website.  BBOB facilitates parents meeting each other in their shared appreciation for music (and have a lot of fun in the process!).  BBOB supports our inspirational band and orchestra directors and supplements the school budget. 


BBOB is 100% volunteer-operated, and 100% of our expenditures are made for the benefit of our students and their enhanced musical experience.  Our band and orchestra members work very hard and deserve the support of parents, extended family and friends.  BBOB provides financial and volunteer support for many, many music activities throughout the year.  In addition, BBOB provides money to help students go on performing trips and to music camps.  BBOB also helps with the purchase of important equipment and instruments that enhance the music program. 


BBOB is not a private club.  It is open to all parents with students in BHHS’s instrumental music program. It is a strong parent group dedicated to supporting our musicians.  BBOB membership is tax deductible.


BBOB meetings are generally held on the first Monday of every month in the band room at 7:00 p.m.  Attendance is highly encouraged.  BBOB meetings are a great way to meet other band/orchestra parents, stay up-to-date with band/orchestra activities and participate in the decision-making process.  Please join us, you won’t regret it!















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